TV News and VNR's

MajorVision International Produces both Independent and Commissioned News Stories

Land Rover and Ford News Story

JDL logo for website banner MajorVision International produces and distributes U.S. based TV news and documentary films for distribution to the U.K. and the rest of the World. To help facilitate this and to maximise production efficiency, MajorVision International has partnered with the America’s leading stream TV broadcaster and facilities house, JDL Horizons.

JDL Horizons is strategically based in Minneapolis, MN; this central location is roughly 3 hours maximum by plane from any continental U.S. state, making JDL the ideal production base for all foreign TV and video crews filming in the U.S.A.

TV News and VNR’s

MajorVision International TV news reports are produced in the following way:

  • Commissioned by international broadcasters such as the BBC
  • Produced independently by MajorVision International
  • Commissioned by 3rd parties for release to news agencies (VNR’s Video News Releases)

As well as being commissioned to produce news stories by TV broadcasters, MajorVision International actively seeks out breaking news stories. These stories are then brokered for distribution via international news agencies, as well as directly to TV broadcasters to which MajorVision is an approved supplier; such as the BBC.

MajorVision International also produces VNR’s (Video News Releases) for clients of all sizes, and in many different categories.

Typically, these are stories created by our producers for corporate, political and other clients who wish to get their specific stories into the local, national and international TV broadcast news feeds.

VNR’s are stories which would not normally make a typical daily TV news report by a broadcast network.

However, because our experienced TV broadcast journalists literally create a story around a clients message, and because that story is given a specific news ‘hook’ or ‘slant,’ our clients stories are usually picked up for broadcast by local, national and international TV stations and news feeds.

VNR’s help to shape public opinion and can even help to promote individuals, products or services. VNR’s are either broadcast in whole or part at the discretion of TV news editors to support current stories or news trends.

MajorVision International has produced successful VNR’s for clients which include; international pharmaceutical companies, international telecommunications companies, international car manufacturers and The United Nations.

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