A few excerpts from our valued clients

…you have mastered an extraordinary set of algorithms which have great merit both in a physical and mental situation. I’ve made a note to remember to teach some of your insights on top of the technical skill sets that I will be offering children in reading, math and science.  Thanks again for all of your hard work and competence.  It has been inspiring to track your growth.

Dustin Hueston Chairman, Waterford Institute

Brian is a person of tremendous ability and personally delivered excellent, informative and indeed incredible seminars and events

Simon R. Earle, Chairman and CEO Advantage Cellular

Brian is without doubt an individual of fantastic talents and abilities, he has created an incredible coaching system in Mental Martial Arts

Dr. Andrew Legg

It is my opinion that Brian is a person of great ability and skills, an extraordinarily motivating person who is goal oriented and driven.

Maggi McCartney Vice President Media Operations Discovery Television EMEA

The talents, skills and abilities of Brian and his Mental Martial Arts business and life training system are exceptional. Brian’s combining of his rare expertise in setting and producing Guinness World Records as part of the whole package is beyond exceptional, it is unique, just as he is

Paul J Andrew MD, Punchline Media & Events, Ltd

Brian stands way beyond his would-be contemporaries as a truly phenomenal world class performer delivering the very finest training, coaching and special events that I have encountered in my professional experience.

Sarah Walmsley University of Central Lancashire (UK) i2e2 Institute of Innovation, Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

Key Clients

Some key clients and stories we have been involved with

BBC Network BBC Newsnight BBC Regional BBC News 24 BBC North Westminster ITV Factual ITV Regional Channel 4 Channel 5 CNN Granada TV Discovery Channel The European Film Commission BMW Television American Airlines The Royal Navy

The United Nations TV
The Abu Dhabi Government
Discovery Channel
CBS (USA) special report on UAE Solar Power
A.T.5 TV – Holland
General Motors
YMCA Fitness Industry Training
Eli Lilly Pharmaceuticals
The Sports Council
National Coaching Foundation
Totes Isotoner
JMC Airlines
CHOI-NHI Cosmetic Surgery Clinics
Norwich Union Insurance

Red Vision
B&Q (DIY Superstores)
Mondi Packaging
Danisco Pack
Performance Portfolio
Performance Ford
Edgar Brothers – (Czech Armoury)
R.T.L. Satellite TV (Germany)
FOCA (Formula 1 Pit Lane Interviews)
The Czech Armoury (Uhersky Brod)
The CellStar Corporation
Rosen Eye Clinic


The Tony Wilson Story (BBC)
The US President’s Interview (Bill Clinton) – G8 98’
Discovery Channel Documentary ‘Ice Warriors’
UK Ch4 & Ch5 Documentary: ‘Charles Bronson – The Most Dangerous Criminal in Britain
24 Hour Party People (BBC)