in the middle of a news crisis situation?

The timeliness and effectiveness of your response is critical to maintaining the reputation and credibility of you and your organization.

Today’s news media, combined with the exponential ripple effects created by social media, creates a 24/7 rolling news flows which can throw almost any organization into a crisis situation immediately.

All crisis situations are different, so our Crisis Media Management Support is tailored to each client’s individual needs.

So when you’re facing your darkest hour and the worst is about to happen, contact our crisis media management team.  We will help you assess your situation and quickly craft a response that will show you and your organization in the best possible light.

We’ve got your back…


  • Be there to listen and understand your problem
  • Understand who and what may be affected
  • Discuss potential strategies, their implications and probable outcomes
  • Agree on the best strategies and tactics to give you the best case scenarios
  • Tell you the bottom-line worst case scenario
  • Suggest the ideal, win-win scenario
  • Help to prepare a media hit list if required
  • Offer advice on social media strategies
  • Help you prepare and develop background documents, key messages, holding statements, and news releases
  • Brief your spokespeople and help them rehearse
  • Perform emergency practical media deployment training with key members of your team
  • Help you handle hostile journalists and hostile media attacks
  • Advise you on recording your own holding statements and key messages to be broadcast via your secure crisis video network which we will deploy in advance for you.


  • Be there for you…

Our Team is Ready to Help You Through Your Current Crisis