About MajorVision International

MajorVision International is a producer of television news and documentary films

MajorVision International was began as a production company in 1988 and later registered in 1991 as a U.K. LLC to produce Television and multi-media by Brian Sterling-Vete, the current chairman and C.E.O.

MajorVision has current contracts, and pre-vetted vendor relationships, with clients including; the BBC TV News, BBC News 24, Discovery TV, CNN, ITV and ITN.



Brian Sterling-Vete was part of the BBC team winning 4 Royal Television Society awards, performing interviews with US President Bill Clinton and British Prime Minister Tony Blair at the G-8 Summit meeting in 1988.

He performed the Pit Lane interviews in 1998/9 for FOCA TV, the Formula One Motor Racing Channel; and was the director/camera operator (Rick Bayles – producer) for the team which received the Creative Excellence award for best documentary at the US Film and TV Festival in Chicago 2001 for the documentary “Millennium Bridge.”

Brian and the MajorVision team have produced TV news reports during times of war and terrorist atrocities.   They also produced extensive TV news reports for the BBC during the civil unrest in the 2001 Oldham race-religion riots in the UK.

Brian has provided crisis media management coaching to executive leadership via seminars at the Manchester Business School in England, as well as to executives and leadership in the pharmaceutical and cellular telecom industry.

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